Bird of the Year

For our first festival after a revitalization of our Red Cliffs Audubon chapter and moving the fest into Spring it seemed only fitting that we choose to put a spotlight on a species that has truly found back from extinction — the California Condor.

Our own Zion National Park became host to fledgling #1000 in the reintroduction efforts that have brought these birds back from the brink of extinction thanks to the California Condor Recovery Program. "1K" is also Zion's first wild-hatched chick to successfully fledge since the late 1990s.

We hope you can take the opportunity to join a field trip for a chance to see Califorina Condors in the wild. Our own board member and past board member of The Peregrine Fund, Joe will join you on this unique excursion to see California Condors with spotting scopes set by the biologists who are studying them. Learn more details about this daily bus trip on our schedule of events.  

Photo of "1K" by Brett Fay

Photo by Diane Hoy

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