In this extraordinary place, you can dive in the middle of the desert, walk among giants, hike through a dragon’s lair and climb to where angels land. Here, we are reminded of what it’s like to be curious, carefree, and completely in awe of the world around us. This place is greater than just one park. This place is greater than just one passion. This place is Greater Zion.

For birding, Greater Zion contains almost endless habitats to explore and hundreds of species to see. Zion National Park alone is home to 291 species of birds, including our choice for 2021 Bird of the Year — the California Condor. These incredible birds are being honored as Zion NP recently became host to fledgling #1000 in the reintroduction efforts that have brought these birds back from the brink of extinction thanks to the California Condor Recovery Program. "1K" is Zion's first wild-hatched chick to successfully fledge since the late 1990s.

You will find a map below of this years' Bird Fest locations of interest.

Photo of "1K" by Brett Fay


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